7 Tips To Start Your Day Off Right

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If you always seem to wake up too tired, cranky, with no energy to get out of bed, then you need a morning ritual that gets you on the right track to start your day off right. I knew I needed to change the way I began my morning, after feeling unfulfilled in my work and personal life.

I used to be the person who would stay up late, (4 a.m, omg that’s rough) and would battle to wake up, then make a distraught, hysterical dash to finish up work with not enough time to even complete the tasks. I was so tired of living like that, so I did something about it (yeah I just fist pumped a little). With a couple drastic changes, my morning routine has definitely gotten a makeover!

Drum-roll, please!! Here are the Top 7 Tips For Getting Your Day Started Right!


Rest is underrated and underappreciated. It’s something we got a lot of when we were younger and it still should be a top priority. Yes, even if you think you’re an adult. If you’re the type of girl who gloats about running on 4 hours of sleep, it’s time to retire form that position. Nothing can make up for a decent night’s rest. NOTHING. Arianna Huffington routinely talks about this: “I have one piece of advice for you: sleep your way to the top,” she once said. So I warn you, don’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. Be like sleeping beauty and get your rest on girl!

Hit Snooze And The Day Goes Poof!

Hitting the snooze button time after time (we’ve all been there) does nothing but wave goodbye to the beautiful day you could be having. You wind up missing the majority of the morning and all that good breakfast and it really just starts the day off on a bad note. At least try to wake up to the first alarm to get as much as possible from the day!

Meditate & Connect With Your Spirituality

Make no mistake this is the most important ritual to start off the day with. I think we all should have time to spear for God, our creator and endless supply of strength. It helps clear your mind of the hectic things that go on in the world that can really drive you crazy and give you anxiety. Taking this precious time to meditate and reconnect with your faith will help create a peaceful space in your mind so you can make the best of each day.

Mini-Workout Session

This too is really important. If you want to get your energy up and really wake up your body in a natural way, working out can be a huge help. I switch between yoga and pilates for my morning routines and it’s been great so far! I used be a ballerina so getting into this particular routine wasn’t too hard. Even if you don’t have any time to go to a gym or workout studio, there are plenty of apps and online videos that offer virtual workout sessions that are fun and easy to follow. Check out Blogilates on YouTube (my fave!!!)

Try Avoiding the News

Looking at the news whether local or nationwide can be quite depressing. I understand that you have to stay “informed” but viewing negative or bad news early in the morning doesn’t start you off on the right foot. Feeling discouraged and sad first thing in the morning based on the news you consume isn’t the best approach to begin the day! Instead, you should read something positive/inspiring every morning and afterward read the news later on in the day as opposed to first thing. DEAL?

Make Your Bed
Making your bed every morning, “will give you a little feeling of pride, and it will urge you to do another errand, and another, and another. Also, before the day’s over that one errand you completed will have transformed into many goals checked.” Along with those benefits, who doesn’t like a good looking bed?!

Eat Good @ Breakfast
If you feed your body with things that will make you feel slugish and tired, that chances of you hopping back into bed or going through the day with low energy will be very high. Try switching up your morning eating routine and making healthier choices. You can make little changes like adding fresh fruit, a cereal with whole grain, or even a breakfast smoothie. Sooner or later your body will thank you!

I hope these tips will get you on the right path to start your day off right!

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