How To Make Everyday Feel Like A Friday

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There's something about waking up on a Friday morning.

You know that after all the hard work you put in during the week, you get to unwind and refuel during the weekend.
However, for most people, friday is the day they look forward to the most and feel bad the rest days. We're so used to thinking about the stressful workweek that we don't enjoy any other day than Friday. Well, I think it's time for that to change! Here are some things you can actually start doing today to make everyday feel like Friday!

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1. Take Breaks

There’s nothing like taking time for yourself. It's like filling up our tanks so that we have more energy and a focus to continue in the direction of our goals. Taking breaks, even small ones can make a huge difference in your productivity and overall mood. Now, I'm not saying to go on full vacation mode. Doing activities like going for a walk after lunch, or squeezing in a quick yoga class can really be the difference maker in you enjoying your day.

2. Get Away From Your Work Space

Are you one of those people who can't get away from a task unless it's fully completed? While that can be very productive, sometimes escaping away from your table can really do you good. Honestly, the simple task of getting out for fresh air makes a huge difference. Doing this, at least three times per week can create a sense of calm, which is seriously needed in the digital age!

3. Reward Yourself

Can we be honest here? Sometimes giving yourself an incentive for completing a task really can work as a helpful form of motivation. say for instance you have a lengthy to-do list your picking away at and just thinking about it makes you tired. Consider rewarding yourself! It doesn't have to be a trip to Tiffany's (although if you can afford that why not) it can be as small as a chunk of your favorite candy or a trip to the spa after the work is complete. Treats like these have a unique way of highlighting the day, therefore permitting you to experience like the week has flown by therefore you feel geared up to usher in the weekend!

4. Play Some Music
Sometimes working in silence can make the day feel like it's going slower.  You can get distracted by the stillness of not having any ambient noise. So instead try playing some music on a low volume just enough so that you can hear in your work space. Music has this healing way of increasing productiveness and sporting the day forward. Key in your favorite artist into any streaming service and jam the day away without worry!

These simple tips can turn everyday into an energetic and fun Friday :)


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