How To Make Everyday Feel Like Your Birthday!

Growing up I've always thought that birthdays are worth celebrating because of the blessing that it is to be alive yet another year.

I'm pretty sure I'm not speaking for myself when I say that birthday festivities leave you feeling special, and on top of the world. But what about the other days of the year (not including holidays)? Are those not worth celebrating too? Every day that God gives us here on earth is a beautiful gift. So we really should start treating it like that!

To kick-start, your new #BirthdayEveryday challenge here are some real tips on how to make each day feel like it's your birthday.

1. Know that life is a gift and appreciate it.
2. Talk to God every day, and think Big.
3. Give yourself a treat just because...
4. Set aside some free time to do the things you love.
5. Spend time with people who make you happy to be alive.
6. Nourish and pamper your body inside and out.
7. Invest in your future.
8. Get yourself some cake or cupcakes!
10. Welcome each moment with thankfulness.

Whether it's your own birthday or somebody you love, the celebration of life doesn't have to stop. We can take some of the magical moments from what makes birthday celebrations special and apply it to each day of the year.


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