Perfectly Princess: Interview with Paul Vasileff of Paolo Sebastian (Exclusive)

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This is why Her Royal Style was created.
There are few collections that manage to take my breath away, but this one left me speechless!

Recently, Australian couture design house, Paolo Sebastian, revealed a once in a lifetime fairytale collaboration with Disney at the Adelaide Fashion Festival in Australia. The collection, perfectly named "Once Upon A Dream" features whimsical dresses with the just the right amount of sparkle that will bring out your inner princess.

I had the opportunity to interview Paul Vasileff, aka the man behind the magic, to discuss his fashion house's collaboration with Disney, where he gets inspiration from, and how he wants women to feel when they wear his gowns.

 What made you want to become a designer?
 "As a young boy I was always interested in art and costume, and I was always making dresses for my friends from anything I could find. From the age of fourteen, I worked with a mentor who taught me pattern-making and then when my close friends started attending their school formals I designed dresses for them, as well as working on my collections. As my friends became older I started getting requests for bridal gowns. It really started from friends and family friends, and it just grew from there as the business grew in turn."

Where do you get inspiration from?
Inspiration can come from anywhere or anything. Sometimes it’s a film or a painting, or a piece of music. Other times I’ve stumbled upon an amazing fabric or lace and have been inspired by that."

 You recently collaborated with Disney on a beautiful couture princess collection. Was it surreal?
 It was very surreal because as a child Disney played a significant role in my life, as it has for so many. It is one of the main reasons I followed the path into fashion design. To collaborate with Disney for this collection has been an absolute honor and a dream come true for me both personally and professionally.

 How do you want women to feel when they wear a Paolo Sebastian gown?
 I want women to feel like a beautiful princess when wearing a Polo Sebastian gown. Seeing that Cinderella moment when they try on their dress for the first time. It’s really such a privilege to be a part of a personal moment like that.

Check out our favorite pieces from the collection below!

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